Hang The Bastard - 2009-2012

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Despite a five year history, West London’s Hang The Bastard remain Britain’s best kept secret.

Since their inception, the quintet have tirelessly traipsed everywhere and anywhere that will have them, making mistresses of the UK’s motorways and sweatboxes, their ever evolving cocktail of doom and hardcore laced metal slowly but surely catching the ears of UK underground devotees.

In April of 2012, the band entered an unexpectedly exciting new chapter in their saga, when long serving vocalist and co-founding member Chris Barling left the ranks of the band to pursue other interests. Whilst for many the departure of a vocalist could prove a fatal blow, Hang The Bastard are cut from coarser cloth than most. Swiftly replacing the departing Barling with an even more ferocious figurehead, former Deal With It frontman Mike Carver, HTB barely batted a collective eye in ploughing militantly onwards.

Musically Hang The Bastard have gone from strength to strength to a downright vulgar display of power, their most recent offering, a self-titled EP on Thirty Days Of Night Records (Gallows, Dead Swans), boasted such vicious cuts as Rivers Edge, an appetite whetting indication that HTB are on the verge of creating their most compelling material to date. And with new frontman Mike Carver making his explosive live debut at Crash Doubt Festival in June, merely weeks after signing up for duty, there can be no question that the best is definitely yet to come.

With plans to unleash a brand new full length album in early 2013, and to mark their prolific career to date, Hang The Bastard have now teamed up with cutting edge UK label Holy Roar (Rolo Tomassi, Last Witness) to collect every inch of recorded material into a definitive, deluxe package.
Though simply titled 2009-2012, this discography - which includes their full length album (2010‘s Hellfire Reign), the latest E.P (2012‘s self-titled), rare demos and tracks sourced from deleted split EPs - is far from a musical eulogy; rather it is a comprehensive, fan-friendly assembly marking the end of one era and the beginning of the next.

Across 30 tracks, Hang The Bastard invite you to witness their progression and evolution, from fledgling bedroom riffers into the honed and snarling beast that will stand before the crowd at this November’s Damnation Festival in Leeds, ready to sign off on this year of transition before entering the studio to lay down their first full length with Mike at the mic.

Track Listing

  1. Acid Bath Vampire
  2. The Blackest Eyes
  3. Levitation Lessons
  4. Genesis
  5. Earthmover
  6. Snakecharmer
  7. 1888
  8. Hells Teeth
  9. Goodbye Piccadilly
  10. Farewell Leicester Square
  11. Doomed Fucking Doomed (Demo)
  12. Awaken Ye Heathens (Demo)
  13. Failed Harvest
  14. Raw Sorcery
  15. Doomed Fucking Doomed
  16. Pillage Your Village
  17. Awaken Ye Heathens
  18. Oblivion
  19. Most Will Swim on a Lake of Fire
  20. Cavern
  21. The Year is One
  22. King of Adders Black
  23. The Great Devourer
  24. Offering
  25. Crossjoint
  26. Intro
  27. Interplanetary Portals
  28. Lessor Gods
  29. The Year is One 2012
  30. Rivers Edge
  31. Sign of the Wolf (Pentagram cover)
  32. Final Thoughts (Obituary cover)