Jackals / Self Loathing - Split

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Jackals follow up their debut six-song 7" with this split with Self Loathing.

Jackals deliver more of their lurching, expansive dual/duel vocal-attack punx violence, whilst obviously taking a step-up from their debut 7". Fast, harsh and ugly whilst incorporating nods to a more doom-laden/gazing aesthetic.

Self Loathing spew out 4 tracks of feedback-drenched raw, bass-heavy sloppy punk/hardcore/power-violence. Angry as fuck.

Comes in a thick reverse-board sleeve, w/ insert.

Track Listing

  1. After Tonight-I Care For No One
  2. Mob Mentality
  3. Trinity Test
  4. Solar Flare
  5. Spite
  6. Cut

Pressing Information

400 x clear
100 x black