Kerouac - Heavy Hearted: Collected Recordings 2009-2011

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So this is it. Everything Kerouac ever wrote and recorded on one LP. From the very first demo recordings that have remained largely unheard by many until now, through the 'Cold and Distant, Not Loving' mini-album to splits with The Long Haul and Pariso to unlisted bonus live recordings, this is truly comprehensive. A feast of a package for the uninitiated and hardcore fans alike, this is the collection that this unique band will forever be remembered for.

Track Listing

  1. Heavy Hearted
  2. Lay of the Landfill
  3. Little Mountains
  4. Pale
  5. Our Fathers' Guns
  6. A Bastard Behind the Eyes
  7. A Sheep. A Well
  8. Lay of the Landfill (demo)
  9. Pale (demo)
  10. I Owe Some People the World But I Owe You Shit
  11. Young Wounds
  12. Porcelain
  13. Fiends
  14. Lay of the Landfill
  15. Our Fathers' Guns (Kerouac Remix)