MINE - Disappear

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MINE have quickly built a name for themselves as a leading proponent of progressive, swirling indie/punk/hardcore. Firmly shaking off any remaining cobwebs of their respective pasts, the members of MINE have now truly coalesced and produced another EP of heartfelt, emotional modern rock that defies true classification.

Like many musicians who largely forego their past hardcore endeavours, MINE retain a distinct urgency and energy indebted to their roots. Beginning with the heartwrenching ‘Stand Up Straight And Let Me Take A Look At You’ and passing through driving lead track ‘Penknife’ amongst other highlights, MINE take you upon another adventure belying the confines of the EP format.

Crucially however, it feels as if this is still just the start for MINE – it feels as if they are still holding some elements back. There is still an almost endless scope for the directions and explorations that this band can, and will, make….

Cassette version also available through Cult Culture - http://cultculture.bigcartel.com/

Track Listing

  1. Stand Up Straight And Let Me Take A Look At You
  2. Penknife
  3. Disappear
  4. Purple (interlude)
  5. Sleepwalk

Pressing Information

- 50 x One-sided black LP with graffiti b-side
- 200 x One-sided black LP
- 350gsm reverse board cover/insert