MINE - Transients

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SURPRISE! Here's MINE's 3 and final EP 'Transients'. With the release of their final EP they have announced their last ever show which will be on 22nd September @ Flashback Records, Shoreditch.

"MINE was a band that existed from 2012 till 2015. During that time we made 3 records, the last of which wasn't released. I think it sounded too different from the previous records, but then I'm sure the others will have their own opinions as to why it never came out. Shortly after recording 'Transients', MINE seemingly came to an end.

We've decided now would be a good time to release our 3rd Ep, 'Transients'. It seems to fit the mood of the times we live in now better then it did in 2014 when we recorded it.

To mark this we'll be playing a show on September 22nd at Flashback records at the top of brick lane. It's free entry and should be fun.

Enjoy the record.

Mark // MINE"