Never Again - Year One

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Never Again are one of the hardest-working, most-productive new hardcore bands the UK has produced in years. Collecting together 22 songs that the band have produced in their first year alone, ‘Year One’ really is as self-explanatory as titles come.

Comprised of the ‘No Sympathy’ and ‘Repulsed’ demo tapes, the ‘Pressure’ 7”, split 7”s with Ironclad and Mindtrap and 3 songs exclusive to this LP ('Born of Nothing', 'Slave:Characteristic' and 'Stand In Line') this release not only makes all these songs available again in one easy location, but also provides many of these tracks digitally for the first time in this package.

All of this between multiple European tours and more UK dates than most sane people would contemplate. This doesn’t even include an upcoming 3 week European/UK tour with Wayfarer and AYS!

If you have slept on Never Again to date – think fast, to-the-point old school hardcore. Mislabel it powerviolence, thrash or whatever you wish – this is hardcore refined and updated for those who can look forward as well as back. Riffs are never sacrificed. This is simply pure musical execution.

Track Listing

  1. Intro-No Sympathy
  2. Will It Ever End
  3. Your Persona
  4. Iron Youth
  5. Intro-Repulsed
  6. Art School Fool
  7. Outro
  8. Pressure I
  9. Pressure II
  10. Watered Down
  11. Same Old Story
  12. Anxiety Attack
  13. Enough Is Enough
  14. Shallow Life
  15. Suffocated
  16. Political Scheme
  17. Intro-Race Riots
  18. Mindless Believer
  19. Poor Excuse
  20. Born of Nothing
  21. Slave- Characteristic
  22. Stand In Line

Pressing Information

100 x white vinyl (only available direct from Holy Roar)
200 x half white/half translucent blue vinyl
200 x translucent blue vinyl