New Roars On The Block

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Holy Roar would like to do its part in stopping the rot by praising new bands that dont subscribe to popular scenes or trends and whom remember a time when screamo meant Page 99 rather than My Chemical Buttfuck and when noise-rock was not a catch-all ephemeral term. So let us waste no time at all in introducing to you the New Roars On The Block - Easy Hips, Dreamboats, Le Swing and Run, Walk!

(Tracks 1-2 Easy Hips, 3 Run Walk!, 4 Dreamboats, 5-6 Le Swing)

Track Listing

  1. Leopard Print Catsuit Party with Old Man Watts
  2. White Ace
  3. Fallen Rose(s)
  4. 3, 5, 10
  5. Ross Kemp on Bands
  6. Deaf Pens