Slabdragger / Wren - Mothers Of Beef And The Magic Of Invention

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Holy Roar Records has always enjoyed putting out a solid split release. Whether it was the stunning Kerouac and Pariso split 5” vinyl or, more fittingly the times where Rolo Tomassi and Throats covered each other, or Throats and Ergon Carousel covered Kyuss….the possibilities and sense of fun afforded by a split release are somewhat endless, not to mention a chance for friends to team up and record music outside of the usual framework of albums.

Our London-based doom bros, Slabdragger and Wren, arrive at sludge/doom/post-metal/whatever you want to call it from almost opposing ends of the spectrum whilst also having recognisable similarities. They also share a record label. That’s us. A perfect formula. Thus when the chance arose to record a pair of epic, psychedelic retro monster tunes in their own inimitable style….well, the deal was already done.

Slabdragger explore their most carefree, fun side, turning Frank Zappa’s ‘Muffin Man' into a 10 minute-plus quagmire of sludge. Wren meanwhile make Captain Beefheart’s ‘Electricity’ bristle with a cold, almost mechanical, Krautian post-metal edge.

Clocking in at over 20 minutes in total, this release will only be pressed to vinyl one time. Grab your slice of (reinterpreted) history.


Pressing Information

993 x 12" LP
- 147 x cream/black half half (Holy Roar subscribers only)
- 196 x black
- 650 x cream