The Ergon Carousel - Dead Banks

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Formed in 2008 by five men old enough to know better, The Ergon Carousel's intention was to provide the world with fast and intense grindcore, unhampered by the expectations and limitations of the scene, honest and forthright in its delivery. Bringing with them considerable experience from their time served in acts such as Narcosis, Beecher, Carmen and Mechagodzilla, they create a sound which draws on this experience to come up with a savage grinding beast, albeit one with a wizened ear for a crushing rock riff. With their first LP 'Dead Banks' now ready for release and an EP, and split 7" with Throats already under their belts, The Ergon Carousel are ready to inflict their madness on a town near you.

Track Listing

  1. Broken Mirrors
  2. Entry-Level Depressant
  3. Blind Summit
  4. Human Rail
  5. City of Ghosts
  6. Flightless and Fearless
  7. Bait and Breath
  8. She's Dead, What's Your Excuse-
  9. Dead Banks
  10. Ruiner
  11. The Withered
  12. Hindsight is a Wonderful Thing (When You Don't Mean It)
  13. The End
  14. Survived by None
  15. The Sum of Nothing
  16. Ironclad
  17. An Illustration of Fear and Loathing

Pressing Information

100 x Black/Grey LPs
400 x Black LPs